Graduating Grad School

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Whoa. Did I just write that?

Dear Family, Friends, and Fellow Writers: I’m getting ready to graduate from grad school. For real. I’m nervous. I’m full of words and stories and poems and my bags are full of manuscripts, notebooks, and to-do lists.

I’m excited about it. I really am. I’m scared to death. I’m going to get a ‘real job.’ What even is a ‘real job?’ I have a job, and it’s real, but I won’t be able to have that job much longer. Slinging beers and bringing food was a ‘real job;’ it was real hard work, which is always an option, because so is writing.

I’m writing a book. Well, it’s turned into two books, actually (okay, three). Not two books like a series, but two books like, two very different semi-cohesive things. One of them is almost done, one of them is half-way done, and one of them is hidden in a drawer until I figure out when I’m supposed to do with it (if ever) because it’s mostly done, but incomplete.

One of them is a poetry book, but I hadn’t included that one.

So the reason I’m writing is, I wanted to thank you all for your support and encouragement. For everything you’ve all taught me. For the days you give me mental health getaways, for the prayers, and for all of the support in my work to be a writer. A dreamer. A keeper of stories.

I’ll officially be a Graduate of Grad School this May 1st, 2016, but I won’t actually be officially graduated until July 17th. Long story. But I wanted to touch base and tell you that I will be climbing out of the graduate school hole in a few months and will be excited to see you all, and to get another massage.

At the end of the summer I’ll be doing some freelance writing, editing, coaching and consulting, and I might even shhhhhh, teach a class on accountability and discipline: how to develop a solid writing routine. Stay tuned for details.

Writer friends: I’ve heard a lot of feedback that you all dig the various interviews we’ve done here. Hopefully I’ll resume those in the fall, too. In the meantime, if you hear of anybody looking for a writer, editor, coach or consultant, please tell them to get in touch with me at whitneybellwriting at gee mail dot com. And I’ll get back with them on July 17th.

Thanks and blessings!